Top 10 things to know about NE Ohio Sanctioned Tournaments

    1. Tournament Director Assistance
      1. Phone:  800-603-3138 (daily 9AM-11PM EST)
    2. Annual Training is mandatory.  Contact for more info.
    3. 10 & Under ROGY Progression events (formerly "Earned Advancement")
      1. Can be on 12s-18s sanction forms but they MUST be SEPARATE events
      2. The words “ROGY Progression” MUST be in the tournament title
      3. ROGY points can only be earned on designated weekends
    4. Skill Level (on the General Tab) Matters!
      1. Entry Level 1-Day Non-Elimination = Entry Level
      2. Red & Orange Ball = Entry Level + Intermediate
      3. Green Ball = Intermediate
      4. 12s-18s (non-Entry Level) = Intermediate
      5. District Qualifiers = Advanced
    5. Using Category = “District Event” on the General Info tab matters – please do so!
    6. TDs must be designated on the Sanction Form “Contacts” tab using a USTA#
    7. Using Player Selection Type = “Tournament Director Selection Process” on the Entry Info tab greatly reduces the need to issue refunds
    8. Posting Draws at least 48 hours prior to start of match play helps parents & players manage their busy schedules
    9. Late entries that impact seeding should not be accepted
    10. Suspension points should be filed online by the TD (Under Tournaments/Administration select “Player Violations”.  Enter the tournament ID + player info to access the form)


    For a downloadable copy of this information AND information on sanction fees AND the list of 2016 Midwest EA/ROGY Progression Weekends, click below:

    Click Here to Download the Document