Dear Prospective Official:

    Let me introduce myself, I am the Chairman of Officials for the Northeast Ohio Tennis Association. My job is to train, manage and keep officials informed of pertinent details about changes in the rules of tennis and officiating techniques. You are receiving this information because you have expressed an interest in becoming a certified official for the USTA. 

    What is an official? He or she is a person who is concerned about tennis, the way it is played and wants to assure each participant of fair competition. Officials are people who want to do the right thing and similar to players have a variety of experience and expertise. They spend a number of days per year working a variety of events most commonly conducted on the weekends.

    As a beginning official you would be certified as a Provisional Umpire. As a Provisional Umpire or first year official, you may work any type of event; however you would most likely learn the ropes at local tournaments as a roving official.  There are a number of tournaments conducted throughout Northeast Ohio many of them requesting officials. Assignments for events are made through our district’s Official’s Committee and include junior and adult USTA tournaments as well as college. The amount of work that you get involved with is primarily up to you.

    To meet the requirements of the USTA for being a Provisional Umpire you need to be a member of the USTA and take a written exam. The written exam is administered by a USTA Trainer, your district chairman or may be taken online at Officials with higher certification levels must attend an official’s clinic annually as well as pass a written examination. The Northeast Ohio Tennis Association sponsors an official’s clinic once a year in the spring. This clinic is open to all and is highly recommended to new officials. If you are interested in attending this clinic check with your nearest participating tennis club in the spring for advance details. Your name will also be placed onto our mailing list to receive a notification of the time and place of our next clinic. If you have any questions please contact me:

    Rob Meister

    5394 Echodell Ave. NW.
    North Canton, OH 44720

    If there is anything else that I can do for you please let me know.

    Good luck and good umpiring,


    Rob Meister, Chairman of Officials, NEOTA