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    USTA Midwest Seeks Diversity Intern (Paid)

    April 19, 2017 09:15 AM

    The USTA/Midwest Section is seeking applicants for a paid pilot summer internship program that has become available pursuant to USTA National’s Diversity and Inclusion Program. 


    The Diversity Intern will assist the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist along with the Director of Marketing, Membership and Communications to execute the Section’s Hispanic Engagement action plan. The Internship will include developing bilingual marketing materials, researching and identifying diversity leads and creating the Steps for Success Guide for Hispanic Family Days. Finally, the internship will include various special projects such as community tennis events and the USTA/Midwest Section Meeting during the Western & Southern Open. 



    1. Assist with the development of bilingual marketing materials
    2. Implement social media and communications plan for the Hispanic Engagement project
    3. Research, identify and develop a list of diverse contacts for each state in the USTA/Midwest Section
    4. Assist with the research and creation of the Steps for Success Guide for Hispanic Family Days
    5. Manage event calendar related to Hispanic Engagement project
    6. Compile, and organize materials in support of project, such as pictures, video and earned media recognition in Hispanic markets across the USTA/Midwest Section

    1. Western & Southern Open
    Intern will have the opportunity to attend and assist with community engagement events at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, OH. (August 12-16th)

    • Hispanic Kids Day
    • Engagement with public
    • Family Zone/USTA Booth

    2. Van Buren County
    Assist with organization, administrating and attending Hispanic Kids Event in Kalamazoo, Mich., and a Fiesta event in Van Buren County.

    3. At the conclusion of the internship
    The intern will complete a USTA National evaluation survey, review position with on-site supervisors, and make a final presentation to staff about experience.